New in APM plug-in

  • WhatsUp Gold v16.4
  • Linux
  • Apache Web Server
  • Windows DNS Server
  • SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012 and 2014

Implemented new licensing scheme for APM based on number of application instances and end user monitor components in use as opposed to application components.

Implemented new functionality allowing the user to create new application profiles based on existing read only Ipswitch-certified application profiles using the Edit a copy control.
Implemented new functionality allowing the user to apply attributes to applications and application instances, similar to existing device attribute functionality for use when configuring components and actions. Application attributes support for percent variables.
File Content Active Check. The File Content component scans for the existence or occurrences of a specified string pattern within application and system log files and uses those file in the application profile of which it is a part.
JMX. The JMX component allows you to monitor Java applications running on network devices by requesting one or more JMX attributes.

New in Flow Monitor plug-in

Added a Flow Monitor Top Endpoint and Top Endpoint Groups report filters to the Interface details page.
Added a new Flow Monitor Interface Details Endpoint filter criteria that allows you to create a filter to view traffic sent and received by a specified endpoint using the device host name or IP address.
Added the option to select Flow Monitor interface speeds in units of Bps (Bits/second), Kbps (Kilobits/second), Mbps (Megabits/second), Gbps (Gigabits/second), Tbps (Terabits/second).

New in WhatsConfigured plug-in

Added support for triggering WhatsConfigured plug-in tasks as a WhatsUp Gold Action.