Having a Mobile-optimized application is extremely important for any brand or service nowadays.  The consumer behavior shift towards the adoption of smartphone was very fast.  

Don’t miss to make your business relevant to customers on-the-go. Our experience spans over Android, iPhone and windows mobile operating systems.  We are working with our clients from the conception, design, development and implementation till the marketing campaigns.

It is important to have the following outcome:

  • Increase customer loyalty and consequently the sales volume of the company.
  • Add new clients to the CRM.
  • Become connected to the clients around the clock.
  • Know better your clients places, preferences and behavior. 

Orchtech is working in mobile applications development services.

The applications developed are covering both:

  • Internal employees communication, collaboration and Management.
  • External towards customers and/or partners.
  • Instantly inform all your clients with all your updates in the same time through notifications.
  • Easily communicate with different  market languages as the app is multilingual.
  • Easily reach the nearest branch to their current place using Google Map or Navigator.
  • Through advertising option in the mobile app:  you will be able to manage the promotional images that will appear on the main page.
  • Show all your products with their pictures and descriptions.
  • You will be able to connect with your clients’ friends through your application. The users will be able to share: products/services, locations, etc. on their Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platform with their friends.
  • Keep your employees informed & notified when any information needs to be broadcasted by scope of work, place or group.
  • Manage your entity activities.
  • Manage your employees profiles.
  • Sales force management.
All sectors, all professions, all functions of the company have been, are or will be improved by the use of mobile development.

Augmented Reality

Let your customer see your products like they never did before by using the augmented reality.

Customize your application

Personalize your modules according to your industry needs & your target audience. Increase your revenue by building a stronger rapport with your clients. Enhance your customer experience with multi-lingual applications.

Location-Based Services (LBS)

Turn-by-turn navigation (Drive Me option). Location tracking and monitoring. Deduction of users per location. Family & asset tracking.

Mobile Media Streaming

Mobile media players. Audio and video streaming. Media formats and codecs.

Mobile Advertisement

Mobile advertisement platform. Campaign management. Ad delivery across multiple channels

Presence & Social Networking

Social media and WhatsApp Sharing. Integration with social communities. Integrated contacts.

Enterprise Mobility

Technology advisory & roadmap. Middleware & device management. Backend integration.


Location messaging. Messaging platform (logged people, by interest). Carrier connectivity. Message routing, transformation, and logging.


Online/Offline modes where you can work without internet connection. Contacts, calendar, photo syncing. Push e-mail and messages. Dynamic address book with photos. Products and services listing.