iBeacon is a new technology that is provided by Apple and based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

 It enables the identification of the position and location of smartphones, iOS and Android, indoors. Then notifications, with the desired messages, will be pushed automatically to the user when smartphone with iBeacon Apps come to certain areas.

The process requires only two parts, a broadcaster (beacon device) and a receiver (smartphone + app). Beacons can’t function without mobile applications. These apps recognize their unique identifiers and facilitate their associated interactions.

Orchtech provides iBeacon devices to support IOS and Android, as mentioned previously. Also it develops a wide variety of mobile applications to support the iBeacons, facilitate their usage, reach the users more efficiently and increase its variety of uses as a product.

In addition to that, Orchtech can control the number, content and many other features that are included in the Beacons and get pushed to the user to serve them efficiently.

build a strong relationship with the user

iBeacon can be used in several industries

iBeacon can be used in several industries to attract more users and create an advanced and technologically developed way of interaction between the brand and the user. Orchtech will find a way where Beacons will fit your industry in order to increase the interaction with your clients and make them more engaged with your brand.

Some of these industries are: retail, entertainment, hospitality, tourism, health care, education and many others. So now you will be able to inform your users about what you want once they become in the area of the iBeacon device using the easiest and most developed method. In addition to that, build a strong relationship with the user.

three stages to reach your target

Every mobile application has different features and usages

 Every mobile application has different features and usages which results in different and unique ways of interaction with the targeted users. This requires different notification content and method to be applied and delivered. However, to increase/ boost the customer relationship, there are three stages that should be considered to reach your target through iBeacon messages:


The context of the notification must be appealing to the user.

The user must find the motive within this notification that will make him/ her take the desired action.

After the user made the action what is the further information that s/he should know from the notifications.