Exclude Device(s) or Subnet(s) during Discovery

Exclude Device(s) or Subnet(s) during Discovery

If you are going to use SNMP SmartScan and you need to exclude device(s) or subnet(s) from the discovery process, you need to set the excluded lists in DiscoveryService.exe.config.

You will find DiscoveryService.exe.config in WhatsUp Gold installation directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Ipswitch\WhatsUp\DiscoveryService.exe.config

  1. Open WhatsUp Gold Service Manager.
  2. In Services, select Discovery and then click Stop.
  3. Open DiscoveryService.exe.config file using any editor.
  4. In SubnetSkipList key, add your entry.
  5. Save the file and then restart Discovery service (stopped in step 2).


  1. Before beginning, you should close WhatsUp Gold Discovery console and stop Discovery service.
  2. You should have only one SubnetSkipList entry. So, you should add multiple entries using comma-separated list of subnets. For example,
    • Skip 168.1.0192.168.1.255
      <add key=”SubnetSkipList” value=”″/>
    • Skip x.x.x
      <add key=”SubnetSkipList” value=”″/>
    • Skip 168.1.10 and
      <add key=”SubnetSkipList” value=”,″/>