Orchtech worked over multiple e-Learning governmental projects funded by different international Aids. Following are some of these projects:

The Mubarak-Kohl Initiative

E-Learning project for Air conditioning and refrigeration. Orchtech developed a framework and localized the content of our German partner, HKSE Engineering.
Orchtech also delivered the project and did training session to the instructors who were very satisfied.
The entity that received the project is GTZ from Germany and they have reviewed the framework and content and approved it and it was approved by the Ministry of Education as well and we got a certificate for that.


Girls’ Improved Learning Outcomes (GILO), supports the Ministry of Education (MOE) in the certification and administration of the EGRP e-Learning Portal by the Professional Academy of Teachers (PAT). The project purpose
- Expand girls’ access to quality education in remote and deprived areas of Upper Egypt.
- Improve the quality of teaching and learning in targeted schools and idaras.
- Strengthen school management and governance.

USAID (TILO project in Egypt)

A big project that covered physics, chemistry and mathematics simulators for primary, preparatory and secondary schools. The solution was implemented in 450 schools all over Egypt. The solution was done in Arabic.

Crocodile-Clips (England)

- We have worked as researchers for geometric constraint satisfaction problem with collaboration with AUC Dr. Ashraf Abdel Bar and some Master degree students.
-Testing Tasks to verify Arabic localization done by a Saudi Arabia company.

Certificate of appreciation and thank you letters