Delete Default Device States

Delete Default Device States

Our customers faced a problem with the default device states in reports. They find duplicated results in Ping Availability Report (adjacent Ups and Downs). So, they find the report isn’t clear enough.

They asked if there is any to delete the default device status as down (Down isn’t practical for them)

WhatsUp Gold default states can’t be deleted from the console but we can delete them from the WhatsUp database itself so we can add/delete specific states depending on the need.

Use the following database query

DELETE FROM dbo.MonitorState
WHERE sStateName = 'Required_Device_State'

You should replace Required_Device_State with the state’s name as it appears in Device States Library (Down, Down at least 2 min and etc…)

To display list of all the configured device states, you can use SELECT * FROM dbo.MonitorState