Network manager of today needs a single console to monitor their complete network.  They need powerful tools that allow to be proactive and not to wait to the service recipient to complain about abnormalities in the service provided.   A lot of the banking sector in Egypt and financial ministries are monitored using WhatsUp Gold.   Also the internet providers like LinkDotNet are using our solution to monitor the ADSL connections.

Whatsup Gold is a one stop solution which does it all, discovers and maps all your network devices, notifies you before the problems occur in the network.  It gathers real time network information and generates alerts and reports, provides anytime, anywhere network monitoring.

Know what’s on your network. Automatically discover all resources and map their connectivity. Build an accurate picture of your network devices, systems and their interconnections, using Layer 2 and 3 network technologies, including ARP, SNMP, ICMP, SSH, LLDP, WMI, Telnet and more. Easily schedule network discoveries or run them on-demand.
Map your entire network. Automatically generate a complete Layer 2/3 topology map of your network with visibility into both physical and IP connectivity, including VMware and VLAN-specific information. Easily customize your maps and drill down into performance stats. The following photo for discover the mapping.
Know exactly how your IT environment is performing. Using a combination of both active and passive monitoring technologies, WhatsUp Gold monitors the health, availability and status of your network, systems and application infrastructures. Stay ahead of potential performance issues with early warning notifications via SNMP traps and Syslog messages from your infrastructure devices.
WhatsUp Gold’s Alert Center gives you a single dashboard view with alerts from across your entire infrastructure. With multilevel escalations, WhatsUp Gold makes it easy to prioritize responses to any problem from performance issues, to traffic bottlenecks, to configuration errors. In addition, Alert Center makes it easy to acknowledge ownership, provide status updates and efficiently manage the resolution process

WhatsUp Gold™ provides complete IT management coverage for your wired and wireless networks, systems and applications to power your business. Routine management tasks, like Layer 2/3 discovery and mapping, are completely automated with WhatsUp Gold. Built-in IT asset and inventory reporting manages detailed device configuration data and up-to-date audit/compliance information. And real-time monitoring and performance reporting makes it easy to keep your entire infrastructure healthy and performing optimally. You get all of this out of the box in one application.

WhatsUp Gold also scales to meet the monitoring demands of any size network. A single WhatsUp Gold server can manage 20,000 devices and 100,000 monitors across geographically dispersed networks. With our suite of plug-ins, you can also extend the power of WhatsUp Gold to include change and configuration management, virtual infrastructure management and VoIP monitoring.

WhatsUp Gold and its plug-in suite are one integrated application. That means you have one download and a single pane of glass to access everything – from network topology maps to router configuration files to traffic flow data to real-time alerts and over 200 network and infrastructure reports. It’s all provided in a single, intuitive Web console. And an easy drag-and-drop interface makes building and customizing dashboards simple.

Proactively assuring service levels is easy with WhatsUp Gold’s infrastructure, system and application monitoring. WhatsUp Gold gives you the ability to tie the performance of infrastructure elements to your business-impacting applications in a single dashboard view. And, with simple device-based licensing, monitor as many interfaces or disk volumes as you want on a licensed device.

WhatsUp Gold provides the most IT management functionality out of the box at the lowest cost. It’s easy to use, deploys quickly and delivers complete IT management so you don’t have to buy and manage additional tools. Choose the WhatsUp Gold edition and optional plug-ins that match your organization’s needs and budget. Simple device-based licensing ensures you pay only for the monitoring you need and makes budgeting predictable by eliminating the renewal time surprises of element-based licensing models.

Plus, our customer focus and industry-recognized support and training staffs enable us to consistently deliver high-quality, reliable software with high customer satisfaction.   And WhatsUp Gold’s track record of innovative, user-driven functionality means you’ll get powerful new features with every release.


With more than 20 years of experience delivering network management in over 100,000 networks worldwide, WhatsUp Gold is the solution of choice for IT managers, from small businesses to the enterprise.