WhatsUp Gold Network Ports

WhatsUp Gold Network Ports

This article lists the ports used for WhatsUp Gold Network Management System and its plugins.

WhatsUp Gold

ProtocolPortTraffic Direction UsageConfigurable
ICMPN/AOutboundIMCP Echo requests to devices (Ping)No
TCP20InboundFTP data transfer, in “non-Passive” or “Active mode”No
TCP21OutboundFTP monitoringYes
TCP Dynamic (controlled by FTP Server)OutboundFTP data transfer, in “Passive mode”No
TCP22OutboundSSH monitoring and actionsYes
TCP23OutboundTelnet monitorNo
TCP25OutboundE-mail actions and e-mail monitoringYes
UDP53OutboundDNS monitor and device name resolutionNo
TCP 80OutboundHTTP Content MonitoringYes
TCP80 & 443InboundWhatsUp Gold web serverYes
TCP110OutboundE-mail monitoring (POP3)Yes
TCP 135OutboundMonitoring of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) dataNo
TCP/UDP137 & 138OutboundNetBIOS name resolutionNo
TCP139 & 445OutboundFile and Folder monitoringNo
TCP143OutboundE-mail monitoring (IMAP4)Yes
UDP161OutboundMonitoring of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) dataNo
UDP162InboundSNMP Trap Passive MonitoringYes
UDP162OutboundSNMP Trap forwardingYes
TCP443OutboundHTTP Content Monitoring and software license activation requestsYes
UDP514InboundSyslog Message Passive MonitoringYes
UDP514OutboundSyslog Message generation (actions)Yes
TCP993OutboundE-mail monitoring (IMAP4 over SSL)Yes
TCP995OutboundE-mail monitoring (POP3 over SSL)Yes
TCP1433 (optional)OutboundSQL Query MonitorYes
TCPUser specified OutboundTCPIP monitors, destination port specified in monitor configurationYes
UDPUser specified OutboundTCPIP monitors, destination port specified in monitor configurationYes
TCP8740Local OnlyIpswitch Service Control ManagerNo
TCP9081 & 9082Local OnlyWhatsUp Gold device discovery serviceNo
TCP9292Local OnlyWhatsUp Gold event notificationsNo
 TCP9393Local OnlyWhatsUp Gold State Change notificationsNo
 TCP9713Local OnlyPolling Data CommunicationsYes
 TCP9730Local OnlyPolling Control CommunicationYes

WhatsUp Gold Distributed & MSP

ProtocolPortTraffic Direction UsageConfigurable
TCP80 & 443Inbound (Central and Remote Sites)WhatsUp Gold web interfaceYes
TCP9394Inbound (Central Site)Central Reporting DataYes
TCP9394Outbound (Remote Sites)Central Reporting DataYes


ProtocolPortTraffic Direction UsageConfigurable
TCP22OutboundDevice management over SSH protocolYes
TCP23OutboundDevice management over Telnet protocolYes
UDP69InboundTFTP Service for restoring configuration archivesNo
TCP8731Local OnlyScheduled task serviceNo


ProtocolPortTraffic Direction UsageConfigurable
TCP22OutboundDevice discovery over SSH protocolYes
UDP53OutboundDevice name resolution (DNS)No
TCP137OutboundDevice name resolution (NetBIOS)No
UDP161OutboundDevice discovery over SNMP protocolNo
TCP443OutboundVMWare device identificationYes
TCP8732Local OnlyScheduled discovery serviceNo

WhatsUp Gold Failover plug-in

Traffic Direction UsageConfigurable
TCP9501Bi-directionalFailover Status between WhatsUp Gold installations and the Failover ConsoleNo
TCP9643Bi-directionalSynchronizes settings between two systems running failoverNo

WhatsUp Flow Publisher

ProtocolPortTraffic Direction UsageConfigurable
UDP9398InboundAdministration port for Flow Publisher Admin consoleYes
UDP9999OutboundNetflow data sent to WhatsUp Flow Monitor plug-inYes

WhatsUp Flow Monitor plug-in

ProtocolPortTraffic Direction UsageConfigurable
UDP53OutboundSender and receiver name resolution (DNS)No
TCP80 & 443InboundWhatsUp Gold web interfaceYes
TCP137OutboundSender and receiver name resolution (NetBIOS)No
UDP161OutboundSNMP queries to flow sources for naming and interface utilization informationNo
UDP9999InboundFlow data sent to WhatsUp Flow Monitor plug-in by flow sourcesYes

WhatsUp VoIP Monitor plug-in

ProtocolPortTraffic Direction UsageConfigurable
UDP161OutboundSNMP queries to routers for IPSLA dataNo